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Welcome to Momentum! Lethbridge's only Premium Pilates, Coaching, and Wellbeing Studio.


Movement designed to stretch, strengthen, and balance the body.



Focus on the ‘here and now’ rather than on the distant past or future.



Connect, stay active, learn new skills, give to others, be present.


Momentum. Movement forward made simple.

At Momentum, all offerings are designed to help you continually move forward toward your health, fitness, and wellness goals. Momentum is a powerful force gained by motion or movement ahead. It is not only an aspect of physics; it is also a vital feature of the human experience that fuels effective change. Building Momentum and implementing change can be challenging to do alone. We often need the support of others to feel motivated to fuel us forward.


Andrea’s passion at Momentum is to inspire, motivate, and move you towards your biggest goals and dreams. Andrea’s mission is to make change simple and transform you with ease. Consistency is vital in building Momentum. Having the support and guidance while you build the Momentum is key to creating a life that you truly desire.

Momentum Studio Policies

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  1. Anyone sick or sick with cold-like symptoms such as cough, fever, runny nose, sore throat, or shortness of breath MUST NOT come to the studio. 
  2. There is a mandatory Toesox requirement for all Pilates Reformer sessions. Foot hygiene is vital because the Reformer straps can’t be washed after every use. Toesox is also very important for your safety on the Reformer. Please put your Toesox on once you get to the Reformer and have your Toesox clean each time you wear them. You can purchase a pair at the studio.
  3. When you enter the studio, please remove your outside shoes before entering. Keeping outdoor shoes off the studio floors and at the highest level of sanitation is vital. Please put your Pilates sock on once you get to your Reformer.
  4. Please use the hand sanitizer before going to your Reformer. You can skip the hand sanitizer and wash your hands thoroughly using the washroom.
  5. Please wear white slippers to the bathroom.
  6. Momentum accepts credit cards, e-transfer, cash, or cheque. No debit is available. 
  7.  A 24-hour cancellation policy is required for all Momentum sessions. There are no make-up sessions for missed sessions.
  8. Momentum is a SCENT-FREE zone: no perfumes, colognes, body sprays, essential oils, or hair products with any scents.

See what people are saying about us

Tammy Herbst

My husband and I took the beginner pilates classes with Andrea for six months and have not looked back. We move better, becoming stronger and stronger; the golf game improved immensely, no more lower back for my husband, who can now walk a full 18 holes on the golf course. Andrea is so knowledgeable, kind and encouraging.
Sarah Rasmussen

Andrea is awesome!! I love Pilates Reformer!! I never thought I would be working out as much as I am!!! Three days a week for the past 2 1/2 years!! Andrea gives you the confidence and support you need!! I would highly recommend her!!
Cris Robinson

Andrea is amazing. I just finished 6 weeks of pilates with her and it was transformative!!! I looked forward to my class each week. My mind and my body feel completely different. I highly recommend!!!
Scott Grenier

My wife and I have been working out with Andrea for years. She is an amazing instructor and a beautiful human being. Her studio has such a positive atmosphere, and we feel entirely at home there. We would recommend it to all!!!
Kim Overes

I tried Pilates for the first time, and it was great! The atmosphere is beautiful and calming. Andrea is a fantastic instructor and a beautiful human. The class is small, which is incredible because you get the attention and guidance that you need. I can't wait to continue, which says a lot because I usually don't enjoy group classes. I highly recommend it!
Cailliau Farms

Andrea is a true professional & demonstrates so much love for Pilates. She is an excellent instructor & I think everyone owes it to themselves to stop by and see what Andrea can do for them!
Sandra Flak

Wonderful, always a great release from everyday stresses! Andrea is an exceptional instructor, motivating and always positive!
Renae Peterson

I absolutely LOVE Andreas' approach and studio. She is knowledgeable and an expert In her field! She is kind, fun and professional! I Love her classes and can really see and feel the results on an emotional and physical level. I HIGHLY recommend her approach to fitness.

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    ``Success is about MOMENTUM. Like a snowball, if you keep rolling in the right direction, the greater it gets.``

    - Steve Ferrante

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