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The most empowering step towards change is awareness. It’s the first step towards cultivating and creating a new way of being.

There is incredible sovereignty and freedom that comes with awareness because with it comes the opportunity to make a choice.

Rather than staying stuck in a repetitive cycle of choices that are not serving your highest good, you begin to see that YOU play a hand in creating your life.

Awareness gives you a choice. The choice to do something different than you usually do. Being in charge of your choices develops a practice for you to align with your dreams, goals, and desires. 

Awareness gifts you the choice to realize what you are doing in the moment. Maybe it’s a choice to react more kindly to your partner or choose a healthier option for breakfast. 

Awareness is the first step to change. Why? Because you wouldn’t make a change unless you know that one needs to be made? 

Awareness brings clarity of old habits, patterns, and behaviours that’s aren’t allowing you to be the best version of yourself. 

Awareness gives you a choice, but it doesn’t bring you to change. 

Making new choices and then taking further action steps is what is going to bring tangible results.

Here are some simple tips to start practicing awareness today! 

Envision yourself

Visualize the best version of yourself. Your ideal self reflects your hopes, dreams, aspirations and speaks to your skills, abilities, achievements, and accomplishments that you wish to attain. From Chaos to calm 

Keep a journal

Journalling is a great way to pay attention to what’s going on in your inner and outer world. It will also help you recognize patterns that either serve you or disempower you. Use these prompts:

  1. What did I do well today?
  2. What challenges did I face? How did I respond? In reflection, how could I have reacted differently?
  3. What strengths did I use to keep me focused on the best version of myself?

If you found this helpful and would like to be supported in a community that will hold you accountable to change, join the 8-week group coaching process From Chaos to Calm. Each week, you will be given a chance to learn and practice a tool to help shift you out of Chaos to Calm. Week 1 focuses on awareness. 

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