Momentum – Energy in, Energy Out

You wake up each day after a night of restoration and rejuvenation. Lets’ say your energy meter is at 100% complete.

You begin your day, and by mid-morning, your energy meter is reading at 50%. What depleted or drained your energy so early in the day?

Most people start to deplete their energy without even knowing that they are doing it! We all desire to have an abundant amount of consistent and sustainable energy throughout the day.

This simple yet powerful practice will help you ensure you are not leaking your energy out throughout your day. As you move through your day, notice the things that take your energy away. It could be saying a simple no to a friend, scrolling too much on social media, or eating food that isn’t healthy.

Catch the Energy Outs throughout your day! Then you get to replace them with Energy In’s! What gives your energy? What practices would build up your energy instead of depleting it? Maybe it’s drinking more water, going for a nature walk, or talking to a mentor or friend.

This gets to be FUN! You get to be curious about what takes your energy away and what uplifts your energy levels! At the end of the day, what is your meter at? Play a game with yourself and see if you can keep yourself charged with good energy!

If you found this helpful and would like to be supported in a community that will hold you accountable to change, join the 8-week group coaching process From Chaos to Calm. Each week, you will be given a chance to learn and practice a tool to help shift you out of Chaos to Calm. Week 3 focuses on energy in / energy out.

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