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  • Do you feel like there is more to life than you are living now?
  • Do you feel a level of dissatisfaction in your life and think there must be something more?
  • Are you tired of pretending everything is “fine” and want to feel better, happier and live with purpose?
  • Are you constantly settling for less than what you deserve?
  • Do you have big dreams, but life gets in the way of making them happen?

There are no mistakes! You landed here for a reason. You are ready to make positive changes, leave the past in the past, and create a future you truly desire.

Personal change and
transformation is a journey.

It takes a deep level of commitment and unwavering devotion to continually move forward, especially through the challenges. Have you ever started to implement change, and at some point, the Momentum forward stops? It’s like putting a stick into a moving wheel. The wheel stops turning.

Andrea’s unique Momentum Coaching process is designed to take you on a journey of continuous movement forward where you get to create the life you genuinely love.

One small step, one small change at a time. Andrea helps you make transformation simple and helps you feel supported throughout the entire journey. Andrea’s Coaching process brings ease to making changes and teaches you to implement small shifts that bring you closer to the goals and dreams you desire.

This personalized coaching process helps you zone in on all of the obstacles in your life that aren’t in alignment with living a happy, abundant, thriving life. With the support of Andrea’s unique coaching talents, she helps map out a clear path to get you in alignment with living your best life. Andrea has mentored and personally apprenticed with master coaches and is incredibly talented in helping her clients turn their adversities into empowerment.


  • Shed ‘not feeling worthy’ and ‘not feeling good enough’
  • Create a mindset that empowers your choices and actions
  • Free yourself of unfulfilling patterns such as procrastination, comparison, perfectionism, and self-sabotage.
  • Finally, say YES to YOU, and put yourself first.
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