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Your thoughts are how your reality shows up right in front of your eyes. Literally, what you believe is how you see your life.

You are fully responsible for your thinking. Are you aware of what thoughts run through your mind all day long?

Are they empowering, positive, kind thoughts? Or are stressful, disempowering, mean thoughts?

In my experience, I received such life-changing freedom when I started to question all the thoughts that made me feel stressed, overwhelmed, shut down, and hopeless. The inquiry is a profound & straightforward process of identifying and questioning stressful thoughts. It’s a way to clear the mind and re-create your reality.

  1. The first step is to identify or catch yourself thinking a stressful thought. Write it down, or type it in your notes.
  2. Second step. Ask yourself, what is the next best feeling thought. (For example. The stressful thought I had often was, “ I am going to be late.” I started saying, “There is always enough time.”)
  3. The third step is to practice living the new empowering thought.

This practice is quite transformative. Taking your power back with re-creating your Mindset will completely shift your reality for the better. If you re-train your thinking to positive, empowering, peaceful, and loving thoughts, your world with mirror back to you just that.

If you found this helpful and would like to be supported in a community that will hold you accountable to change, join the 8-week group coaching process From Chaos to Calm. Each week, you will be given a chance to learn and practice a tool to help shift you out of Chaos to Calm. Week 2 focuses on Mindset.

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