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Pilates is an empowering system of movement and exercise created and developed by German-born athlete Joseph Hubertus Pilates. His innovative method educates, re-patterns, realigns and balances your body. It teaches body awareness, good posture, deep stability core strengthening, quality over quantity, and presence to the moment.

Pilates was designed to help develop a whole functional body that gives you the natural ability to live a life that can perform everyday activities with ease and perfection.

Joe’s exercise method focuses on developing a solid deep core connection with the movement, a connection to your breath, a balance of the right and left side of the body, and training each muscle uniformly, which gives the muscles equal strength to flexibility.

Pilates is a true transformation because you “get to” slow down, drop inward, and connect to what best serves you. This powerful method gifts you the opportunity to quiet the mind through breath and concentration so you can continuously check into YOU.

Pilates asks you to be kind and compassionate as you move through your workout. You’re asked to perform each exercise with precision and only produce the number of receptions that are executed in good form. This is why Pilates is so transformational. Practising good form and only doing what best serves your body will give you incredible sustaining results. Pilates differs from traditional forms of fitness, “no pain, no gain,” whereas Pilates focuses on “no pain, lots of gains.”


Pilates on the Reformer Machine

The Reformer is the most versatile piece of Pilates equipment. Using straps, resistance cords and pulleys on a sliding carriage, Reformer exercises are completed with support and resistance to guide or challenge all abilities and fitness levels.


Benefits of Pilates on the Reformer:


  • Strengthens core
  • Relief from the pain associated with physical imbalances
  • Strengthens weak back or helps with back-related injuries
  • Tones muscles
  • Improves flexibility
  • Relieves stress through breathing
  • Improves posture
  • Increase energy


 Momentum requires you to start with the 6 week beginner group introductory class called the 6 Week Transformation, or Pilates Privates. Contact Andrea to have her guide you to the best option for you.

Pilates for Athletes

Pilates is the perfect accompaniment to any athlete. Pilates improves strength, flexibility, posture, enhances athletic performance, improves technique and prevents injuries, which is a key to an athlete’s continued success. The number one focus of Pilates for athletes is core strength. Plus, looking at how each muscle is trained uniformly, so it functions in balance with strength and flexibility. Andrea was a competitive dancer and athlete and has specialized in working with dancers to give them an edge and growth in their sport.

Momentum Pilates Classes on the Reformer

Where to start – Pilates has a remarkable journey that requires a commitment to learning the unique method. Momentum requires you to start with the 6 week beginner group transformation, or Pilates Privates. Connect with Andrea so she can guide you on what would best serve you.


Once you have been cleared to sign up for classes on the schedule you sign up here

Pilates Class Pricing

Drop-in – $30
5 Class Pass – $124 – 2 Month Expiry
10 Class Pass – $227 – 3 Month Expiry
20 Class Pass – $415 – 5 Month Expiry

Pilates Mentorship Program

Are you at a crossroads and are ready for something new in life that fills you with a sense of purpose, excitement and happiness?
This is for you if:
✅ You have a love and a passion for health, movement, and wellbeing
✅You are bored of traditional fitness and find it difficult to sustain
✅You are looking for a career change
✅You are an athlete and looking for something more
✅You are a mom ready to get back into a career that is flexible and purposeful
No experience is required!
The next Mentorship Program will begin in Fall 2023!

Pilates for Rehabilitation

Pilates offers assistance in rehab post-injury and preparation before surgery. The main focus is building the deep stabilizing muscles of the core, leading to a more substantial base for your injury recovery and balance throughout the body. This specialized training also places a strong emphasis on developing strong emotional and mental strength after an injury. Building trust to move again with confidence and working with emotions and mindset is one of the incredible benefits of Pilates and the brilliant skills of Andrea.

Pilates 6 Week Beginner Group Transformation

The Pilates 6 Week Group Transformation is a beginner introductory session and a structured 6-week plan designed to give you a deep understanding of the fundamental principles that make Pilates on the Reformer one of the most effective, safe, and gentle ways to move your body. This 6 week session is a pre-requisite for everyone who is new to Pilates and must be completed before entering into any classes on the schedule. This 6-week transformation is limited to only eight people.

It is designed for:
– Those brand new to Pilates
– Those who have an injury that restricts them from attending other fitness classes
– Those who need a gentle, safe, non-intimidating form of fitness to start
– Those who want a ‘private session’ within a small group

This session happens once a week for 50 minutes for the six weeks.

The next 6 week group transformation begins Monday July 22nd 7pm.

More info here

Intro to Pilates Workshop

Are you hesitant about signing up for the Mandatory Pilates 6-week group transformation? This 30-minute introduction to Pilates on the Reformer will introduce you to the Pilates Reformer machine and give you a taste of what Pilates offers. The next intro workshop is: 

Sign up here – https://clients.mindbodyonline.com/classic/home?studioid=223629 

*Special Pilates grip socks are mandatory for all Pilates sessions. This is implemented for your safety and to keep the Reformers at the highest level of hygiene. You can purchase a pair at the studio.


During private Pilates sessions, you will receive undivided attention from our expert instructor, Andrea, with targeted exercises individualized for your specific goals. Each private session is custom-tailored to your skill level, fitness goals, and personal preferences, whether you are new to Pilates or you’ve been practicing for years.

A private session would best suit someone recovering from an injury and requires specialized attention and wants to transform their entire wellbeing. The Pilates method is a journey that requires more than one session to see the transformational benefits. Andrea offers a six-week journey that will take you through an incredible experience to create a whole new way of being well.

Discover how Andrea’s unique, full-rounded, holistic style of training will support you in living a whole and meaningful life. If genuinely ready to commit to a new level of living, then apply to work with Andrea today!

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